Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I am alive! And we will be welcoming a little man into our family sometime around Thanksgiving!

I am still dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum which has made this pregnancy extremely difficult. It is a rare condition which had me vomiting 20+ times a day and ended up in the ER. I was unable to finish the school year and spent 10 weeks homebound (on the bathroom floor which my sweet hubby lovingly turned into a luxurious "vomit-spa").  I am now more stable due to a fabulous new doctor and loads of lovely medication. But, everyday is a crap shoot - will I have a great day, or a day on the couch? I pay for every good day with a few sick days.

Needless to stay, I am not doing much cooking. I am beginning to eat like a grown up again, having gone through the ice cream stage (toddler food), the fake cheese (mmmm) stage (teenage boy stage), and now I am into fruit, yogurt, and anything carbs.

I am still working on eating vegetables, but I can't convince myself to actually EAT them. My garden has gone to seed, abandoned to become a bumblebee paradise. No jam has been made. No pickles are planned.

Farmer Jo is just not herself. It is a very, very odd time in my life. Please stick around. I will be back, hopefully, soonish.

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  1. Poor you!! Being pregnant is tough under the best of circumstances. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is a LOT less uneventful (and filled with less vomit!) than its been up until now. next year you'll be out in the garden again with your wonderful little baby at your side :) How exciting!