Sunday, May 23, 2010

News Update

I suppose I should spill the beans that I am 14 weeks pregnant. It has been a very rough go, which is why I haven't been writing or cooking or eating much for that matter. The medical community keeps promising I will be back to my old self in no time, but I have my doubts. I have been out of work for almost 2 months and I dearly miss my students and my life!

I know in the end this will all be worth it when our little Sooper arrives. For now, dear readers, please hang on, because one day I will be back. I have one more guest post lined up from the ever lovely Tien of Adiaphane. Honestly, I have been putting off editing it because I can not even look at food words lately. :(

On another note, if anyone else is dying to share a foodie story or recipe idea please drop me a note.

Farmer Jo


  1. Congratulations! I hope the rest of your pregnancy is easy going, the 1st trimester is really rough.

  2. Congratulations! Best wishes and good luck!

  3. Congratulations! I am sorry you've had a rough go, but it will all be worth it!

  4. Congratulations!