Sooper Cooking Camp 2013

Sooper Cooking Camp 2013
Happy Valley Middle School, Home Ec Room
Camp is open to incoming 4th - 12th grade students
Joanna Sooper, a teacher with the North Clackamas School District, teaches a fun, educational day camp for kids who want to learn to cook with healthy, fresh food.  Each day is a culinary adventure exploring new ingredients and learning new skills. We will spend the morning cooking before sitting down to a family style meal to enjoy our creations.

The camps are 4 days long - and will explore a different cuisine or technique each day. (Don’t worry, there is a dessert each day too!). Exact class descriptions are on the back of the page.

Classes are limited to 14 students, so sign up early!

Session One: $160   June 17th- 20th  9am - 1pm
Bonus One: $40   June 21st 9am - 1pm  Make your own jam and scones
Session Two: $160   June 24th - 27th 9am - 1pm
Bonus Two: $40   June 25th 9am - 1pm Make your own pickles

See back for registration information.
Any questions? Concerns? Please email Joanna Sooper at

TO REGISTER: Please email Joanna Sooper at
and mail registration information and check to:
Joanna Sooper 3215 NE 55th Ave, Portland OR 97213

Student’s Name:__________________________
Age/ Grade:__________________________
Guardian Phone Number/Email address:__________________________ ____________________________________________________

Does the student have any allergies or food dislikes? __________________________

Is there anything I should know about your student before having them in the kitchen?

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Class descriptions

Session One: June 17th- 20th  9am - 1pm
Monday: Brunch Feast
Tuesday: Comfort Foods
Wednesday: Garden Feasting
Thursday: Mexican Fiesta

Jam Day: June 21st 9am - 1pm
Make your own jam and scones. Learn to safely can fruit jams (and take a jar or two home!) We will make some scones to sample our jams.

Session Two: June 24th - 27th 9am - 1pm
Monday: Italian Foods
Tuesday: Thai Feast (can make peanut free for allergies)
Wednesday: Soup Days
Thursday: Picnic Feasting

Pickle Day: $40  June 25th 9am - 1pm
Want to learn how to make your own pickles. We will explore how to safely pickle vegetables and adjust them to make our personal perfect pickle. You will be taking home a few jars to share with your family!

                            Total:       ________________________

Limited scholarships are available.
Can offer discounts for siblings.