Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pug Food: Pureed Squash and Apple (Would probably feed a kid too...)

 I think the hardest part of this pregnancy has been loosing touch with my love of food and cooking, and love of feeding others. I keenly feel the loss of joy I used to feel while wandering a farmer's market or sitting down with friends to enjoy a home cooked meal. Even though my stomach and heart are not quite back in the game, I am trying to pull myself back into the kitchen. If I don't, I will have wasted a summer of bounty on Triskets and cream cheese. 

Today I actually pulled out a pan and did some cooking, although not for humans. I did it for my dog! My dear pug, Doug, has been the best nurse any human could ask for. Doug barely left my side while I was bed ridden and provided me with love and companionship when the humans had to go to work or go home. He has also become an invaluable belly pillow. Doug provides just the right amount of support and pressure for my growing belly.

Doug loves canned pumpkin with his meals (and has helped him stay slimmed down). Oddly, there has been a shortage of canned pumpkin around Portland. When we manage to stumble across it we buy out the supply. While rearranging the freezer today, to make room for frozen berries I found two large bags of frozen squash from this guy... remember him?

I steamed it up with an apple and practiced using my food mill. The result: Happy pug and a few weeks respite from the canned pumpkin search. Hardly recipe worthy, but hey, I am working my way back into the food world.

(I love cooking for my dog, but I can't wait until about a year from now when I will get to start whipping up all sorts of pureed meals for our little boy! Do you think we will get a foodie baby?)

Pureed Squash and Apple
4-6 cups cubed squash or pumpkin
1 large apple cubed, with or without skin
2-4 tablespoons water

1. Simmer squash, apple and water together over medium in a lidded pot until soft. Depending on the size of cubes you may need 15-20 minutes. Check and add a little water as needed to keep the mix from sticking to the pan.
2. Puree mix using a food processor or food mill.
3. We add a heaping spoonful to Doug's dish with each meal. He always eats it first, before the kibble.

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  1. Sounds delish! Your dog eats better than I do. I might try to make that for my dog too. Remind me to tell you the story about our dog and pumpkin someday when your stomach isn't so sensitive. ;)