Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mushrooms From Heaven!

Last winter, we went on a chanterelle hunting expedition and we were wildly successful (and soggy). This year our hunting was snowed out by some early flakes. Nonetheless, these golden treasures are in the stores!

They are expensive, running $10-$16 a pound, so we savored every bite. Chanterelles are a great match with delicate eggs or fresh pasta.

Here are two non-recipes for chanterelles, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon some in the woods, or the grocery store. (And if you have extra, let me know!)

This our haul from last year!

1. Toast, topped with chanterelles which were sauteed in butter and garlic. Saute until the liquid evaporates. Divide mushrooms between the toast. Quickly scramble some eggs in the same pan and top the mushrooms. If you have it, sprinkle with a touch of truffle salt and fresh parsley.

2. Pour a glass of nice wine, this is a "fancy meal" and you deserve it! Get a pot of pasta water boiling. Meanwhile, in another pan, saute an onion in butter or olive oil. When the onion gets soft and is starting to turn golden brown, add chanterelles. Cook until mushrooms release their liquid. Add loads of black pepper and a few splashes of cream. Simmer on low while you cook the fresh pasta. Toss together and top with a shaving of parmesean cheese.

How do you like your chanterelles?


  1. Two great uses for chanterelles. I didn't check this past week but two weeks ago farm stands were selling them for 6 to 7 dollars a pound. That was the cheapest I've ever seen them.

  2. Mary - where was that farm stand? I may have to stock up, cook em down, and freeze them!