Sunday, November 22, 2009

Count Down to Turkey Day!

I don't know about you, but we are counting down to the best American holiday! Thanksgiving!! What is better then coming together with family and friends, over a fabulous feast and giving thanks for so many things.

Obviously, this is an opinion, and I would love to hear what my readers think is the best holiday. I know many of you are reading from other counties, so PLEASE share too!

This week Justin and I are eating the odds and ends to clean out the fridge and make room for the turkey and all the fixings. We are incredibly thankful this year to be getting a turkey which a friend raised. Talk about local!


  1. your own organic turkey?! i'm jealous. but, honestly, i think that would be too hard on me. i'd have named him or made her a necklace by now.

    here's my thanksgiving fav's:

  2. I adore Thanksgiving! We host it, but since we do it mostly potluck-style it isn't too hard on any one person, unless they choose to overextend themselves (I'm looking at you, Mom). Other than cleaning the house I am only responsible for squash, tea, ice, and a dessert. I may make some kind of something for the apps table.

    I love that it involves the whole family coming together just to be together. There is no pressure. We are on a lazy hanging out schedule, there are no presents to worry about, no great cash expenditure. Just family and friends enjoying each other's company.

    Followed by leftovers! Last year I was smart and froze about half of my leftovers so that I could extend the yumminess for several weeks! I will be attempting to do that again this year.

  3. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too! Which disappointed my husband because we got married on the 4th of July. I like it for some of the same reasons as Fresh Peaches -- it's just about family time, whereas Christmas gets all wrapped up in the gift stuff. Plus, there's no post-Thanskgiving let down.

    This year I'm also making a locally grown turkey, which we're paying an arm and a leg for. I hope it's worth it! I'm really excited to try it though.

  4. While Christmas is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is a close second. I do believe you're right when you call it the best American holiday. It's elements are typical of this country whereas the other holidays are tied to traditions brought from other lands. Have a wonderful holiday.