Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playing in the Dirt

I feel like Spring finally arrived. It has been a wonderful two days of the farmer's market, hanging out with friends, and digging in the dirt.

Even though the sun is shining and I think I have a sunburn, I have a Fall meal in the oven. Baby turnips, leeks, carrots and beets roasted under a fat, local chicken. I tossed in some rosemary from my garden. I figure I will round it would with some baby greens.

My garden is just taking off, but the farmer's market was in full swing. It was hard not to go over budget when faced with piles of radishes, asparagus, golf-ball sized turnips, yellow and red beets, and greens galore!

I spent today weeding, planting and enjoying my garden. It is a pleasure to me to have my hands in MY dirt, nurturing MY plants. My own piece of Earth from which I will (hopefully) coax a bounty. Because I love playing in my garden so much I am surprised to learn about a flourishing new industry - a backyard farmer. I first read about in the Oregonian, and it was mentioned again in this month's Food and Wine. The Portland business which was featured was the Backyard Farmer (

A home (and yard) owner can hire the gardener to plant, care for and harvest your garden. You can even chose what gets planted and once a week you come home to a basket of veggies that were grown in your yard. This is definitely eating locally. Personally, I enjoy my time in the garden too much to pass it off to another person, but I think it is a really fascinating new business idea!


  1. How can cooking with lovely baby veggies and greens, grown and harvested in spring be a Fall dinnner? It sounds like the essence of early spring to me - yum. I bet your mother would love to eat some.

  2. I have schav, leeks and weeds in my garden - the sun is not doing its job. Who do I complain to? What should I eat for dinner?