Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drink Your Own Water

Things that sparkle are just better!

It is easy for me to forgo still bottled water. (I love Portland's water and my handy-dandy Nalgene.)

But oh how I love the sparkling water! It is my weakness!

Sparkling water bottles have been filling our recycling bins rapidly. Nothing quenches my thirst or tops off a cocktail like some sparkling water. This year my husband and I decided to commit ourselves to buying less packaged goods but I couldn't give up the sparkling water!

Then I discovered SodaClub. We got this model and 4 re-usable bottles. (I borrowed this picture from their site.) We use it daily and are keeping 2-3 bottles out of the bin each day. I love it - it takes 30 seconds to make a fabulous, ultra bubbly bottle of water.

Now we are drinking our local water and not filling up our recycling bins with empty cans and bottles.

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  1. Your husband needs a blog name - such as He Who Must Be Fed, or Curly ...