Monday, May 20, 2013

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

This was an idea I saw floating around Pintrest.
I tucked in the back of my mind, thinking it would be fun to make with my 2 year old. This isn't my normal style of cooking, but I do love anything remotely like a cinnamon roll. And really, if you can't make these for your two-year old, who can you make them for?

I was at the local health-food store and they had the fancy, canned cinnamon rolls on clearance. For $2 I felt like I was ready to take the risk on cinnamon roll waffles.

I heated up the waffle iron, dropped on 2 rolls and latched the lid. 4 or so minutes later they were ready. Levi tasted one right away. I topped ours with plain cream cheese instead of the icing packet. He approved. The waffles were interesting. Not too sweet with a dense texture. Not bad, but not great. But ideal for a 2 year old!

He rounded out breakfast with bananas, tea and his "blue-quet". I may tuck these away in my memory again as sleepover party food!

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  1. I have wondered how these were for real. I might have to make them for my 6 yr old :) Great idea on the sleep over snack, too!