Friday, May 25, 2012

Need a Project? Here Comes a Long Weekend!

Photo by Amy Wing

I am lucky enough to be scooting out to the coast this weekend for a little sand between my toes. I am hoping the weather cooperates and we can leave our raincoats at home.

Last time we were there my friends and I cooked up a simple bowl of mussels which we enjoyed with wine, asparagus, and a loaf of crusty bread. It was beachy perfection! (Aren't these photos fabulous? Amy Wing, of Amy Wing Designs took them.)

We aren't sure what we will be creating this weekend, but I have some ideas!
I can see these being nibbled on the deck before dinner with a glass of cold rose wine.
Or these mini german pancakes for breakfast!

I love long weekends for cooking projects. Here are a few ideas: 
1.) Homemade Cream Cheese and then whip up some Rhubarb Rugalach.
2.) I don't know about you, but I have still have some frozen berries left over from last spring. I am going to set up a bottle raspberry and strawberry Drinking Vinegar to infuse while away. They will be ready for cocktails when the sun come back out!
3.) I feel that you can never have enough wontons!

Enjoy! And if you haven't done so, please check out my give away here.

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