Friday, July 15, 2011


Look at this!

An editor at, one of the best foodie sites on the web, is reading MY, MY little blog. :) I am over the moon.

This comes just days after the lovely Oh Joy linked to my drinking vinegar page. That link was then picked up by TheWednesdayChef.

I am feeling a little star struck. These are blogs which I love, read often, with authors I admire, and here they have stumbled across my tiny corner of the internet. I love that drinking vinegars are becoming so popular. Now I don't feel quite so crazy for pushing the tart, delicious syrup on all my friends.

I hope my new visitors continue to come back.


  1. We're from Beaufort, SC on the southeast coast. We visited PDX to see our kids. Keepin' it weird. Went to Pok Pok and Whiskey whatever Lounge. Loved the drinking vinegars (and of, course the food)!

    Thanks for the recipes!