Monday, April 25, 2011

Price of Convenience - Grocery Delivery

In an effort to save some time on the weekends we tried grocery delivery.

I had seen advertisements for delivery - free with a $150 bill. I generally avoid Safeway around here, although the prices are low I feel like the quality is pretty low as well. But, Justin and I were worn out and needed a break. While sitting in my PJs I placed a large order, including stocking up on some canned goods and noodles (less to drag into the house.) The delivery guy came within the time window I requested, so that was a positive.

That is pretty much the end of the positives. Unloading the groceries, I was disappointed. Each and every produce item was in a grocery bag. For example I bought 3 cloves of garlic. They came in 2 plastic bags. Really!?! Also, I was less than impressed with the quality of the produce the chooser chose. The green beans were half rotten, the mangoes bruises, and the brocolli had icky ends. And, some of the eggs were broken. I had requested an alternative product in "note" form on the order, and it appeared to have been ignored.

I tried to call and talk to a person, but was unable to get through easily, so I gave up.

Based on this experience (we ordered twice... we were that busy and desperate and had similar experiences with the second order, ) I would not recommend to anyone.

New Seasons Market, a Portland local chain, on the other hand, has a great delivery or pick up service. I have turned to their delivery ($10, or sometimes free with $150) or pick up service ($5) in emergencies, post baby and holidays. Although overall New Season's produce and products are a bit more expensive the quality is tops.

The customer service from New Season's is amazing. When you call an actual human picks up immediately and solves any problems (like when you forget to add your turkey to your Thanksgiving delivery.) The produce is perfect, notes added to the order are followed through on, and if you request no plastic bagging of the produce, they actually listen.

I would highly recommend New Season's delivery.

Edited to Add - I just went to New Season's website and they are discontinuing their service as of April 24th! Whaaaa???!??
They did offer a list of alternative delivery services for the Portland area, including


  1. Good to know. Bummer about New Seasons cancelling their service. I have used Organics To You in the past and was very happy with their service.

  2. Not sure if they have Publix in your area but I found out some of them offer in-store pick-up. You order your stuff online and then go to the store to a separate area and your items are waiting for you. Sounds like a good idea for those short on time, but they charge $7.99 per order! Wha-?

  3. We don't have Publix on the West Coast, but that is good to know!

  4. Interesting! I didn't know there were stores that would deliver groceries!

    You do bring up an interesting point, though: is offering to tackle the grocery shopping a good way to help out new parents? It wouldn't have crossed my mind, but it makes sense...

  5. I think doing a grocery run for parents is an extremely helpful!!!

  6. What kind of produce would be in the order has always been the big question for me. I am very choosy when I pick out my fruits and veggies and often wondered if the person who put the order together would be as well. Now I know, at least for Safeway.

  7. Ooh, hey! I saw something today and thought of you-- Portland's groupon today has a 53% savings thing off of home-delivered groceries from Nature's Prime Organic Foods.

    No idea how good they are or anything, but the moment I saw the email from Groupon, I thought of you. :)

  8. Oh thanks, I am gonna go look into that groupon! Thanks for thinking of me!