Sunday, October 31, 2010

Feeding a New Mama (and her family)

 (I find this image from the internet really amusing)

I have been researching freezer foods and ideas to help out a new mom and her family survive the first little while. I began the research not for me, but to begin planning to help out my pregnant friends. So far no babies have arrived yet, but we are all huge and slow and eagerly awaiting the arrival their arrivals.

I have been SO lucky because even before my baby has arrived my mom and sister-in-law have been taking care of us. My hubby has been home sick for a week and I am about as slow as molasses, but we are surviving because my mom has been bringing food and helping grocery shop and my SIL has been helping us around the house. I am SO thankful!! xoxox

Shortly after I posted my query for ideas Deb at Smitten Kitchen began a Freezer Friendly section. All of the recipes are fabulous for making ahead. Also, if you have a baby already, be sure to check out her baby food section, and the pictures of her utterly adorable son... oh those curls!

Jessika, from Life is Good, suggests stocking the freezer with homemade (or store bought) ravioli. Just make sure you bring some sauce along for the new mom too. She also had a terrific idea of freezing burritos filled with meat, beans, cheese, etc. Then all a new mom needs to do is heat up a ready made meal.

Joseph, from Joseph's Grainery,suggested Lentil & Brown Rice Burritos and a delicious looking Tortilla soup!

I loved Henna73's ideas of bring unbaked pies to a new mom. Nothing makes a house feel homier then the smell of a pie in the oven! She also suggests homemade energy bars, meatballs and sauce, unbaked, but prepared garlic bread and any hardy soup.

The always lovely Jacquelyn suggested stuffed shells, pastas, and pork enchiladas.
Thank you everyone for sharing these ideas!

Additional food suggestions to bring to a family with a new baby :
bagels/ cream cheese/ veggies/lox
ready made sandwiches
roasted veggies that are good hot or cold
hummus and cut up veggies
veggie risotto
healthy soups they can drink from a mug
sweet or savory muffins, scones, bisquits
sliced bagette, meats, sliced nice cheeses, pickles
Ready made salads with a bottle of dressing
Roasted chicken and potatoes
milk, oj and a few rolls of toilet paper

A lot of blogs I have read say that it is best to either just drop stuff off, or come in but don't really demand chatting.
Other ideas
Fix a plate of food for the mom and then clean up the kitchen.
Empty all the garbage bins on the house
Do a load of laundry (keeping in mind baby stuff has to be on hot with the special baby soap)
Take out recycling
Clean the bathroom

I know this seems weird coming from a preggo lady and I hope know I am lucky enough to have family around to help me out, but I hope readers keep some of these ideas in mind for friends living far from family.

Any other advise or ideas?

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