Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Requesting Ideas for New Mama Food

Did you know that I have 11 pregnant friends right now? (Edit: Now 12, seriously! I thought the American birthrate was going down.)

When it rains it pours (um, babies?). As due dates near I have started thinking about foods for new mama's and their families. I know when my nesting instinct kicks in it is gonna be all about cooking up a storm. But, sadly, in my pregnant state I am not feeling very creative, unless cream cheese and Triskets is a new undiscovered recipe.

I would love to get some reader ideas on your go-to recipes for making ahead, freezing, or bringing to new moms. I personally, am not a huge fan of lasagna, so I am looking for lots of types of food. Please post a comment with ideas, recipe links, or advise. I will compile them for future reading. I would also love to have some guest posts featuring your favorite recipe and story.

Specifically looking for veggie friendly, not too high fat, and not a lot of no-no foods for nursing moms (ex: cauliflower, onions, spicy, etc.)

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. I'm on a total ravioli kick right now. So many different combinations can be stuffed into them and then frozen. Reheat by boiling, top with something easy, voila. And because the stuffings are different, you don't feel like you're eating the same thing repeatedly.

    If you're looking for bulk, I say burritos (freeze them with the seasoned meat, corn, cheese, salsa, beans, rice, or whatever you want in them, reheat and then top with fresh ingredients, if wanted). But, I didn't feel like burrito construction recently, so I instead pressure cooked about 15 pounds of beef, which I then froze in its own juices in small quart baggies. Now, if I want to make something with shredded beef, I just have to throw the beef in. No hassle or time lost to cooking. Life is so much easier.

  2. Oh, and veggie friendly idea (the beef really isn't too veggie-friendly): pot pies, frozen. If you want healthier, only put the crust part on the top and mix together veggie broth and baked potato mash to get yummy creaminess.

  3. Here are two that I take to new mommies and daddies...they always get rave reviews.
    Lentil & Brown Rice Burritos:
    Chicken Tortilla Soup:

    Both either make enough or are easily doubled to feed your family and the recipient's family.

  4. I love to freeze mushroom barley soup, veggie chili and tofu black bean enchilladas. When my friends were pregnant, I also froze uncooked meatballs, sauce, garlic bread and a pie (unbaked too) for them and they all loved it! For my friends with sweet tooths, I also made them a batch of energy bars (sort of like a really glorified, yet good for you oatmeal cookie).

  5. Stuffed Shells ( I did a recipe on my bog, so tasty and good!)


    Green Chile Pork made in the crock pot, shredded and portioned out for soft tacos, burritos, etc.

    Spaghetti Sauce (so easy and quick, can use with stuffed shells rather than jarred stuff)