Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buffalo Results

I decided to go simple on the buffalo steaks to see what they really tasted like. Just a little salt, pepper and garlic powder thrown under the broiler. We cooked them to medium-well. The steaks rested 10 minutes before we ate them.

The results: The steaks were juicy and flavorful. Almost lamby in flavor (which isn't a favorite of mine, so that could be a negative too).  Justin LOVED the flavor. They were also relatively tough, which was an odd combination with the juiciness.The sides of roasted cauliflower and corn pudding rounded out the meal.

I am not sure if I would purchase them again. These were on sale only about $4 a steak, so not too bad for grassfed meat. If I did, I would probably slow cook them with some fat to soften it up. Maybe buffalo stew with black olives, olive oil, tomatoes and rosemary? Hmmmm. With polenta??

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  1. I'm glad that the meat was flavorful and juicy. That is odd that it was a little rough though. Thanks for the post.