Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stumped For Dinner Ideas?

I love reading other people's food blogs.  I am often inspired by what I read, either to cook their recipe or modify it to fit my pantry.

Here are some great recipes I have stumbled across this week:
Pork and Shrimp Dumplings on These would be great with some sauteed brocolli or bok choy.
Mary at One Perfect Bite (Hi Mary!) has a delicious recipe for Portobello Parmesan. It is fast, filling, and not too bad for you either. 
Sprouted Kitchen has a lovely salmon and edamame recipe. Looks fresh and almost spring-like.

Speaking of Spring, on my way to work this morning (I head out around 6:30am), there was a slightly bit of sunrise peeking over Mt. Hood. While walking I have seen green peeking out of the rain soaked earth. My daphne bush has buds on it, so lemon scented blossoms are just around the corner. These all hint at the end of winter here in the Pacific Northwest. I am so ready. Bring it on! Any touches of Spring in your neck of the woods?

If you are looking for a decadent dessert check out this Gourmet recipe for a marshmallow milkshake. I haven't made it yet, but it is on my short list. I may even have to try it with some homemade marshmallows.

A year ago: Thai Curry Salmon Cakes. This is my most viewed recipe and a regular on our dinner table.

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  1. Oh good lord that marshmallow shake sounds awesome! =)