Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flowers, Hats and Pins

When I am not cooking, gardening, working or playing outside I love being crafty and creative.

I been making felt flowers which can be worn as brooches, hair pins, or rubber bands. I recently decided to attach my flowers to some hats as well. These are all hand cut and sewn from recycled felt.

Need to spiff up your winter coats? I have flowers for that!
Want to decorate your hair for a party? I have flowers for that!

Need a new fall hat? I have that too!

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  1. purty! these would be pretty as gift wrapping details -- especially for the upcoming holidays...


  2. My mom has been saying the same thing! I totally agree :)

  3. These are really lovely. Do you have enough of them to grab a stall at a Christmas market? They'd be perfect stocking stuffers.