Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Make Your Like Easier! Talk To Your Butcher or Fishmonger

I am slowly falling in love with our local butcher and fish monger.

Buying meat and fish is SO much more pleasant when you are talking to an actual expert behind the counter. I love bringing home meat wrapped in brown paper instead of saran wrap and styrofoam plates. There is an old world charm for me. I feel more connected to the food I am eating. I love asking for something to be sliced, cleaned or packed a specific way and BOOM, it actually happens. I have also learned a ton about meat and fish preparation and recipes.

Recently, after a conversation with a my fish monger about some Oregon tuna, I learned that the fish on display that is listed as previously frozen, can be bought frozen! I know this seems sorta of obvious. I never would have thought to ask.

I love eating fish, but I only shop once a week, so it is hard to stock up on fish due to it's short shelf-life. The lovely fish monger hooked me up with a few pounds of frozen tuna, which as on sale for $5.99 a pound! (Regularly $12!) Now I can enjoy tuna on my schedule.

**Edited to add: I have had wonderful experiences with the butchers at New Seasons and Gardner's Meat Market. The fish monger at Fred Meyers and Fubon are amazingly helpful!**


  1. Jo, are you speaking with butchers and fish mongers at a grocery chain or at an independent small business?

  2. Both! Fred Meyers, New Seasons, Gartner's Meat Market, and Fubon :)