Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snowy Day

Today we woke up to a flurry of snowflakes. As the day has continued the snow is falling more and more heavily. Thankfully, I planned ahead for a house-locked snowy day. Doug and I attempted a walk this morning, but the wind and his little feet were just too cold to continue.

I spent the morning finishing up holiday food gifts:
1. Blueberry jam: It is way better to cook up jam on a freezing day then on a sweltering summer day. I used the berries Justin and I had picked and frozen this summer. It is a spoonful of summer!
2. Pickled cauliflower
3. Honey roasted pear butter: 2o pounds of pears isn't going that far...I thought I had picked more then we could ever use up. Oh well, only special people will get some of the pear butter.
4. Mulling spice mix for our homemade pinot noir: The homemade wine tastes a bit better with the mulling spices.

A chicken is in the oven, wine is mulling on the stove, the fire is on, and I eating cookies.
We may survive the ARTIC BLAST 2009!

If we are home on a **SNOW DAY*** tomorrow, we plan on making wontons. Won tons are a family tradition to make on snowy days. I can't wait to write it up.

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