Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10: Doug Da Pug

I have the most amazing dog; Doug da Pug. I am thankful for the laughter, cuddles, and snorfs he adds to my days.

About 5 years ago we decided we needed a dog. Long summer evenings were spent reading each and every Kennel Club Breed book. We made piles of which dogs met our criteria and which didn't. In the end we had a boston terrier, pug, or french bulldog in the possible pet pile and every other breed in the not gonna work pile. I think we had preconceived ideas of what kind of dog we wanted, but were afraid to admit it. (People and kid dog, small but hardy, snored, curly tail,  (I joke, sort of)) We also wanted a "slightly used" dog. No puppies. Preferably free.

Shortly after school had started we were at a staff back to school event and over beers joked with co-workers that we were looking for a slightly used pug. The next day the co-worker called us and said that their neighbor was looking to re-home their pug. He was 5 years old and named Jose. We immediately headed up to meet him.

Jose greeted us at the door, howled with joy at the thought of a walk, and while we sat with the owners and their small daughter he calmly put up with the toddler laying on top of him chewing on his foot. After an evening of pondering Jose came home with us the next day.

We promptly changed his name to Doug da Pug.

Doug is the best dog! Our lives are fuller and more joyful since he has joined our family. When we are sick he is nurse pug. He dutifully keeps our feet warm and protects us from the mailman. He would be an excellent NORAD - guarding our airspace for crows, airplanes, or large insects.

Levi (1 month) and Doug

Levi (2 months) and Doug
He is as amazing with classrooms full of joyful first graders as he is with his new baby brother. Levi loves Doug. The baby hugs, kisses, and licks the pug regularly. Doug is one of Levi's first words. He is the first thing Levi looks for when he wakes up. I am not sure if Doug is equally enamored, but he puts up with the baby beautifully. I think he knows that eventually, the baby will give him something to eat.

Doug is also an excellent vacuum cleaner

I am so thankful for my sweet pug!
PS. Doug has his own, rather dated blog: Check it out for more photos.

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  1. What a cute dog! My three dogs are a handful, but I wouldn't have it any other way:) It's great that Doug is so good with Levi. How sweet. Love the pics!