Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yogurt Cheese

Pretend it is a beautiful day.  (It happens here sometimes!) You want to get together with friends, but you really have nothing to serve up as an appetizer. Yogurt Cheese to the rescue! I don't know about you, but plain nonfat or lowfat yogurt has a constant presence in our house.

Yogurt cheese is simply strained yogurt, like uber drained greek yogurt. Simply put a few scoops of yogurt into a clean cloth napkin or non-terry cloth towel. Twist and squeeze the whey out of the package, then set in a strainer. Put this in the fridge and every 20 min or so, go back and re-squeeze (or just leave it over night and let gravity do the work!). I like to save the whey for my dog, but you can just throw it out.

When you are ready to serve, plop the yogurt cheese into a bowl, sprinkle with a finely chopped garlic clove, a few twists of pepper and a bit of chunky sea salt, then drizzle with olive oil. Serve with crackers or bread. The cheese is rich and creamy, not unlike a good goat cheese.

This is also a great base for Tzatziki (a Greek cucumber yogurt dip). Grate a peeled cucumber. Squeeze as much liquid as you can from it then stir into the yogurt cheese. Perfect summer food!


  1. It is easier to remove the seeds from the cucumber, that's where much of the water comes from.

  2. I like yogurt cheese drizzled with honey and sprinkled with toasted pecans. Mmmmmmm decadent.

  3. MMM, going sweet! That sounds fabulous. I am going to try that!

  4. Must. Try. This.

    Does any old plain yogurt work? I've tried the whole make-yogurt-from-yogurt thing and failed miserably, so....

  5. Any plain, natural yogurt would work - but I would stay away from the ones with gelatin, etc. I don't it would have the right texture.