Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stumped for Dinner Ideas?

Here are a few great looking recipes I have stumbled across while parusing the internet.

Broiled leeks with an apple vinaigrette: This recipe screams fall to me, and would make a fabulous side to any dinner.
More leeks! 101 Cookbooks always has healthy and delicious meal ideas.

Chicken cutlet with breadcrumbs: This really appeals to me right now. Probably because it combines bread and meat, currently my two favorite things to eat! I would serve this with roasted cauliflower.
Simple Pork Ragu: YUM!
Dungeness Crab Mac and Cheese: Gah, I wish I had some crab to toss with cheese and noodles!
Roasted Tomatoes: Roasting tomatoes is an annual event at my house. I love eating them on toasted cheese sandwiches, on a cheese platter, in soups, stews, or just by themselves. I fill baggies and freeze them to have access to summer flavor all winter long.

I am still collecting recipes and ideas for new moms. Please leave a comment or email me with ideas.
PS. Don't be afraid to follow my blog! :) I love having a face to put with my readers.

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