Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lincoln's Baked Eggs

Lincoln is one of my all time favorite neighborhood restaurants.  I am sure I have mentioned it before, but the chef Jenn Louis and her husband have created a fabulous little spot for wonderful food. My friend calls it "Food you would cook at home if you could cook that well!". Delicious chicken, lovely salads, and my all time favorite dish, baked eggs. Lincoln's baked eggs combines cream and olives and rich eggs in a little dish. I lick the dish clean each time.

I have tried to duplicate this recipe before without success. It seems so simple, but again, I don't cook as well as Jenn! My attempts evolved into the muffin tin baked eggs. These are great, but not anything like Lincoln's.

I feel like I was given a belated birthday present when I stumbled across this article where Jenn GIVES AWAY HER BAKED EGG RECIPE!!!!! :)

The olives are in the fridge, the bread crumbs are getting stale, and I am awaiting a friend's egg delivery. I will report back :)

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