Friday, March 19, 2010

Truffled French Fries

I am not sure if our new found skill of deep-frying is a gift or a curse. Fried spring rolls and tostones are delicious, totally bad for you foods, and when you make them at home you can make A LOT!! At least at a resturant there is some semblance of portion control.

Last time we made a batch of spring rolls we decided to try our hand at french fries. Two large russets and a vat of hot oil create magic!  Add a drizzle of truffle oil and a sprinkle of truffle salt and the simple potato is transformed into a luxurious treat fit for a fancy restaurant! We double fried the potatoes to make them extra crispy.


Trader Joe's used to carry inexpensive truffle oil, made from seeping the expensive, fragrant fungi in olive oil. I haven't seen it lately, but you can by smaller, more expensive bottles from fancy kitchen shops. If you are looking for a great gift for a foodie, a bottle of truffle oil is the way to go. Drizzled over potatoes, meats, eggs or pastas it imparts an amazing earthy flavor that is unmatched by other mushrooms.  A less expensive way to experience truffles is to invest in some truffle salt. I haven't tried Meadow's truffle salt, but they are neighborhood shop with lovely, lovely salts. (Maybe they would like me to test some?? Anyone??) :)

When Justin and I were traveling in Croatia a few summers ago we got hooked on the local truffles and brought home oils, whole truffles and truffle paste. Lately, I have been seeing news of Oregon truffles coming to the market. I have yet to try one, but would love to support a local market for truffles. Has anyone tried them?
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This recipe can be expanded to make as many fries as you would like. The amount of oil stays the same, just add more potatoes and flavorings :) I would like to try this with yukon gold potatoes next time.

Truffled French Fries
enough vegetable oil to fill a large, flat bottomed pan about 2 inches deep
russet potatoes, washed, dried, and sliced into fry shapes
1-2 tablespoons truffle oil
2-3 pinches of truffle salt

1. Prepare a draining station for the fried. I like to use a cookie sheet lined with paper towels or paperbags. 
2. Pour about 2 inches of vegetable oil into a large, flat bottomed pan, with sides. Heat over medium for about 5 minutes.
3. Meanwhile, pat sliced potatoes with a papertowel to remove any residual liquid.
4. Check oil heat by dropping a small piece of potato. If it bubbles immediately it is ready to cook. If not, keep testing every 5 minutes. You can turn the heat up a bit, but don't go to high - I would worry about super heating the oil.
5. When oil is ready, carefully add small batches of fries. Fry until the begin to float and lightly brown. Remove to drain. Repeat until all fries are cooked.
6. Repeat process, double frying potatoes until deeply toasted and crunchy.
7. Let potatoes drain on papertowels for a moment then sprinkle with salt. Move to serving platter and drizzle with oil. Less is more here. Start with a little, taste and then add a bit more. Add more salt if needed.
8. Eat immediately, perferably with friends.

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