Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 Minute Breakfast, Including Clean-up

I don't know about you, but I am not a breakfast eater. Coffee? Yes! Food? Ehh. Unfortunately, my job doesn't have time flexibility that allows snacking, so if I don't eat something before my day begins I will be DYING by lunch. (Which by the way, is at 10:45am. We have early days around here!) I have found that a mix of protein and carbs keep me going far better then just yogurt or cereal.

I learned this egg sandwich trick from my college girlfriends, and I thought I would share it for those of us who need breakfast in 5 minutes. (See college IS educational!)

Presented with pictures and notes.

 First, put an english muffin into the toaster. Then take one small bowl or coffee mug. Spray with nonstick spray. 

Crack an egg into the bowl. Whisk if you want scrambled eggs, don't if you like a yolk. Add salt and pepper.

Add cheese if you want.

Microwave one minute. While it is microwaving put away the eggs, cheese and muffins. Pour a cup of coffee into your to-go mug. Now your English muffin should have just popped up. 

Slide egg onto muffin. Enjoy as you run out the door. 

Gives you more time to say goodbye to the pug. He is always sad when we leave.

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  1. I make a very similar sandwich of a plain egg with toast and honey. I know, egg and honey on toast sounds so gross, but it is really good. I figured if French Toast is just egg and bread with syrup, then this would be good too--and it is!

  2. I make something like that nearly every morning (OKAY, my husband makes it), but it never crossed our minds to microwave it. (Then again, we're usually not rushed for time.) I'm a huge breakfast person, so this is a great tip!


  3. I just made this exact sandwich on the stove (well, I had a bagel instead of english muffin). Must try microwaving!

  4. You know, I make toast, and I've microwaved eggs, but it has never occurred to me to put it together! Great idea!

    By the way, I really loved that egg cup recipe you posted. So easy and tasty! I'm going to try it with feta cheese instead of parmesan sometime this week.

    That last picture breaks my heart. Doug, run away and come live with us!