Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dangers for Unsuspecting Foodies!

The other day I minding my own business, walking home from Pastaworks, having bought a perfect loaf of Pearl Bakery baguette. I feel it is my duty to eat the end off of any crunchy, perfect loaf of bread I bring into our home. I have to make sure it is okay.

Well! As I began to rip off the end of the loaf the crispy, crunchy crust SLICED into my thumb. Truely, sliced it open! I will spare you the picture, but suffice to say I will have an inch long scar which may take a while to heal! Thank goodness I didn't bleed on the rest of the bread. :)

So beware foodies, protect your fingers from knife like crusts.

Are there any other foodie dangers I should be on the lookout for?


  1. oh no! did you have to get stitches. i got attacked by a canteloupe weilding a knife once. 6 stitches!


  2. No, thank goodness. Just a band-aid and some kisses :)

  3. Oh no! I hope your finger heals soon!

  4. Ouchie! I hope you heal quickly and cleanly!
    I am the Queen of kitchen mishaps (the joke is that dinner is ready when I yell out in pain) but I have yet to do that one!

  5. Ouch! I hope you're doing better now.... my worst kitchen disaster was an encounter with a pumpkin last year - whacked off nearly my whole fingertip with the massive knife. Luckily my doctor was open at the time... that pumpkin was out to get me, I'm sure of it!