Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010

I hope all my readers (and everyone else) has a safe, happy, and yummy New Year's Eve! I can not believe that we are at the end of a decade. 10 years ago I was in NYC with a life-long friend awaiting Y2K. I tried caviar for the first time and drank far too much champagne. It was a good trip! I was 22 and sure I knew everything. Now I am 32 and feel like I still have a lot to learn.

This has been an amazing decade for me:
Learned to cook and then started writing about food. See my very first article!
I left a dead-end job and boyfriend and returned to graduate school.
Moved away from home, moved back into my folk's house, finally moved out again.
Became a teacher and adore my job.
Met the love of my life and married him! When you meet your best friend, you need to keep him around!
Bought a house, adopted a pug and said goodbye to my faithful Volvo sedan after 11 years together. She was 21 years old. I hope she is driving someone around somewhere.
Turned 30.
Worked in Italy for a nice, long summer. Learned a little Italian and ate a whole hell of a lot.
Went to school in Guatamala, although failed to learn Spanish. Ate a lot.
Got engaged in Croatia. Drank lots of lovely wine, and uh, ate a lot.
Ate my way through China and Thailand.
Honeymooned in Montreal. Failed to learn any French. Ate a lot.
Saw my beloved friend move across the country.
Had a dear friend from middle school come back into my life and she is now like a sister.
Lost my grandfathers and a grandma.
Gained a Mother-in-law, grandma-in-law, father-in-law and a whole lot more Sooper family!

My life has been a series of wonderful events! Knock-on-wood, I have little to regret or mourn.
May the next 10 years be just as sweet and filled with adventure.

Farmer Jo

PS. If haven't already, please join my site. I would LOVE to have 30 followers by January 1, 2010.

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