Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Things I Love Right Now!

ShamWOWs: This morning I had a bit of an accident. I set the coffee up, pressed go and jumped back into bed. Well... turns out I had forgotten to put the carafe in. So, we had 8 cups of coffee all over the kitchen. Luckily we had our ShamWOWs, which, by gawd, really work. Two of them soaked up all the coffee and I am pretty sure saved our bamboo floors.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissants: For $5 you get 4 croissants. Pull from the freezer the night before. Bake for 20 minutes (while cleaning coffee from the floor), and wha-la. It is like having a bakery in your kitchen and you don't have to get dressed to enjoy them!

Speaking of Trader Joes, I love this wine site. Trader Joe's Wine Compendium is a great place to find wine reviews before hitting the store. Brendan has been spot on, at least in my opinion, with his thumbs up and thumbs down reviews.

Lucky Strike Chinese Resturant: This hole in wall will blow you away with amazing Sichuan dishes. Nothing was too spicy, but had enough eat to make you sweat, everything was delicious. Like I am still dreaming about it delicious! It is a bit of a drive out to 122nd, but well worth it!

Fall Sunshine: Spent the day in Hood River, enjoying the sunshine and gathering apples for the long winter.


  1. I am suffering from some serious croissant envy right now!

  2. Chocolate croissants, huh? What a great way to start a day that dubious beginnings.

  3. A little butter and chocolate once in a while never hurts..right?

  4. Thanks for linking up my Trader Joe's Wine Compendium. I'm going to have to return the favor by trying Lucky Strike - been meaning to find some Sichuan since Bourdain got me craving it in a recent episode.