Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Black Market Popsicles

We finished up our time in China with a trip to the Summer Palace. It is a HUGE park surrounding a lake and an amazing series of palaces. It was so beautiful and peaceful. Filled with families and tourists all taking in the view and the quiet. I can see why past emperors made this their vacation spot. The one detractor was the thick pollution. We wanted to explore the whole park, but the air was difficult to breathe.

After a boat ride (instead of a long walk across the park) we began our hike way up a hill ("Please Mind the Hilly Road") to the temple structure overlooking the lakes. By the time we reached the top we had rivutlets of sweat rolling down our bodies. My throat was burning from the pollution and we were ready for a break.

Lucky for us, there was a black-market for popsicles at the Summer Palace. As we hiked up and up and up we kept being approached by women with backpacks full of popsicles. She would open her bag to show the wares. Her eyes darting back and forth. Suddenly, even if you were deep in negotiations, she would then scamper into the woods. Later we figured out it was the sight of someone official coming up or down the hill that sent them running for the trees.

Eventually, we managed to complete a transaction before it was interuppted by an official. It was worth the wait! Red flavor. Great view (albeit made less great by fog).

I seriously question the business sense of black market popsicle sellers... don't they have like a 10 min shelf life???

What is your favorite flavor?

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  1. The pollution in Bejing is mind-boggling. We too made it to the top of the temple and enjoyed the vista. Not bad for an old lady :-).