Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Growing up, it was my job to pick and wash the lettuce for our daily dinner salads. Being a kid, I didn't enjoy the job as much as I may today. I often did a fast swish of water and threw it into the salad bowl. Occasionally, I MAY have missed a little slimy visitor, the slug.

I remember one summer night, after multiple slug sighting at the dinner table, my dad (lightheartedly) threatened to make me eat the next slug that was found. After that I did a much better job checking the leaves for slugs and other critters.

I still wasn't always a perfect lettuce washer and often hid vinegrette-drowned slugs under my plate, hoping I was the only one who noticed. Apparently, things haven't changed much.

Salad rolls stuffed with baby lettuce, pea pods, cilantro and some porkloin rubbed with Chinese 5 spice (and a slug).


  1. You may be a potential candidate for "Survivior." The roll, slug nonwithstanding, is beautiful.

  2. mmmmmmm squishy protein......

    Do your parents read your blog? Are you going to be getting a finger wagging email?

  3. I am 99% sure my dad has never even looked at my blog, so I think I am safe from finger wagging! :)

  4. But your mother reads it! I am just glad this did not happen on the Next Food Network Star! Tut tut LOL