Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Opening Day for BBQ Season

During the summer months we do most of our cooking over a charcoal BBQ. This week was wonderfully warm. I spent Saturday cleaning up our deck and preparing our outdoor living room (aka the deck furniture). I even found an old tablecloth to dress it up a bit.

By Monday everything was ready to go. We use charcoal, which takes a while to warm up and can cook for a few hours. We plan a few meals worth of cooking on a BBQ night. Monday night we had chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, onions, and a lovely piece of tuna all ready for the grill.

As soon as the coals were ready we threw on the tuna steak, which had been brushed with soy sauce. 5 minutes later the steak was removed and everything else tucked onto the grill. While we enjoyed a perfect summer dinner Tuesday and Wednesday's lunch and dinner was grilling up.

The tuna was served up with a bowl of rice, sliced cucumber which had been sprinkled with rice vinegar, pickled ginger and some soy for dipping. It was fabulous! :) (Yes, I have all that in my pantry... I have a condiment shopping issue)

Stay tuned for lunch!


  1. Never mined the stay tuned business. I'm an I'll be by kind of gal!

  2. You bring some rabbit and we can grill it up! :)