Sunday, March 1, 2009

Money Saving Idea

Looking for a really easy way to save some money and be a bit more environmentally friendly? This is easy!

Justin and I made a commitment in September to stop buying our 10 yogurt cups a week. Instead, we bought 10 reusable 1/2 cup containers. About every two weeks we buy a gallon of low-fat yogurt and grab a jar of jam from the basement. I always make too much jam and this is the perfect solution to making sure we eat it all before it is time to make more jam.

It take about 5 minutes once a week to refill the containers and line them up.
Not convinced? Here is some math.

The old cost
1 yogurt cup is about $0.75
10 cups a week $7.50 a week
There are about 39 weeks of school a year.
Total for the school year: $292 a year
This does not factor in the waste cost. In most places in the United States yogurt cups and lids are not recyclable. This means our family was creating 390 pieces of waste for breakfast alone!

The new cost
10 reusable containers $5
1/2 gallon of organic yogurt a week $3
1/2 pint of homemade jam about $1
Total for the school year: $160
Bonus: Clean conscience

Do you think this is something you would try?


  1. A really great idea, Jo. The savings is remarkable.

  2. I go even further and make my yogurt. It is surprisingly easy and saves even more money.

    These are the directions I use, if you are curious:

    (I do 2% milk with 1/3 cup of skim milk powder per half gallon of milk added in)

    I sweeten with jam, honey, chocolate milk mix, strain the yogurt in a coffee filter and use it in place of sour is great stuff

  3. I have tried making my own yogurt, but truely, it is cheaper to by Nancy's gallon of yogurt here in Oregon.
    That is a great crockpot idea!

  4. You're so smart...and if you wanted it even more fruity, you could add some frozen berries to the bottom!