Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Very Belated Pi(e) Day!

Pi Day was March 14th. Get it? 3.14?!!?? (Least now you will be ready for next year.)

For the second year in a row we celebrated Pi Day by eating Pie. We had a great turn out for our Pie Party. Our table was weighed down with banana foster pie, berry pie, coconut-cream pie (mmmm!!!), chocolate coconut pudding pie with rasberry topping, blueberry pie, apricot buttermilk pie and the very tasty savory Shepard's pie.

I have to admit that the coconut-cream was my favorite. I invented the apricot, buttermilk pie. It was interesting. Made with dried apricots and creamy buttermilk it is a great winter pie - and breakfast the next morning. I am still working the kinks out of the recipe though.

Interested? What is your favorite type of pie?


  1. Without a doubt, mine is lemon meringue.

  2. Mmm, apple! or peach.. can I have an apple peach pie? With turbinado sugar on the crust and vanilla bean ice cream. Please.

  3. Oh where do I begin with pie??

    Apple pie with sharp cheddar cheese on the side, warm blueberry with ice cream melting on top and lemon meringue are my top three favourites. My friend Ashlee makes an apple pie with streusel on top. Delicious!!!

    We had Chicken pot pie on pi day. We are nerds too.