Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things are Finally Growing

Summer had been slow around here. I am still waiting on tomatoes. We have had a few handfuls of bush beans, and an oversized zucchini. I finally had some edible rewards for all my hard work.

My heirloom potatoes are finally ready. Last week, I started digging and when my elbows were underground I hit pay-dirt. Handfuls of baby potatoes: red, purple and cream colored babies. Aren't they pretty?

I tried out a salt-roasting technique, from 101 cookbooks, with mixed results. I covered the potatoes with a paste made from kosher salt and egg whites. It baked up into a rock hard crust that was difficult to crack. Underneath, the potatoes looked beautiful. The potatoes tasted creamy on the inside, but sadly, they were so salty that we hardly enjoyed them.

I can't really recommend the recipe. I think tossing them in olive oil and BBQing or roasting them would have the same creamy results, without the painful saltiness.

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